• Do you have children, ages 2 to Teens, that are experiencing anxiety, social conflicts, excessive tantrums and meltdowns?
• Want to learn how to Respond, Repair and Reflect with your children in real time creating more Respect and Resilience in your home?
• I specialize in a therapeutic child centered intensive model that includes Play Therapy, Play Coaching and Parent Coaching.
• In Person in Louisville, Colorado and Online Worldwide.

I Work With Children, Parents, Families & Educators


Play Therapy / Play Coaching / Parent Coaching Immersive Treatment
1 Parent Only Session

10 Sessions: A Customized Combination of Play Therapy & Play Coaching
1 Six Week Parent Only Follow Up

• 1.5 Hour Parents Only Meeting
Maria will create a highly tailored family roadmap for success.
• 10 Sessions: Play Therapy & Play Coaching
Support your child’s progress by learning play techniques to use in your home.
Includes parent follow-up after every session with personalized Parent Coaching support.
• 6 Week 1 Hour Parent Follow Up
Maria will check in with you after 6 weeks to follow up on progress and support continued success.
• Immersive Total Family Transformation Program
Effectively address issues with anxiety, ADHD, perfectionism, social difficulties and family relationships.

Incorporating Play to Support Learning and to Manage Behavioral Issues


WHAT: A highly unique and individualized service offered by Maria Arias, a licensed play therapist. Learn and practice the micro skills of play to support your child’s optimal growth and development.

WHO: Maria coaches parents and children in real-time, teaching you how to play, communicate and engage using the principles of play.

WHEN/WHERE: Can be done remotely or in person. There is no special equipment required.

• Improve family relationships and interactions with parents and siblings
• Increase your child’s confidence in life and in challenging situations
• Improve your discipline skills with effective tools
• Help children practice empathy, flexibility and impulse control.
• Recommended for families experiencing issues with: ADHD, anxiety, perfectionism, social/academic issues, divorce and adoption.

Empowering Parents with Tools for a Regulated Home

• 1.5 Hour Initial Parent Coaching Session
Maria will apply her specialized knowledge in attachment and brain based discipline practices to assess the current situation. She will immediately address the parent’s biggest concerns and set goals.

• 1 Hour Parent Coaching Sessions
Learn powerful action tools to use right away.

• Highly Tailored Family Roadmap
This will become your guide for success based on neuroscience, attachment and positive discipline.

Empowering Parents & Educators with Tools for Home & School

For Parents At Home
• Create a loving family dynamic
• Make getting out of the house easier
• Create smoother transitions
• Set your children and your family up for a
day of success

For Educators
• Harness the power of self reflection as you map out your top values
• Identify your emotional trigger points and how to soothe them
• Create a self care road map for the year that supports you and your well being
• Includes tools for community building

A Play Coaching Workshop for Schools or Homes
• Learn the 3 Principles of Play and how you can use play to help children be more successful:
a. Play is naturally expressive
b. Play helps you organize your internal world
c. Play is integrative and healing
• Improve relationships
• Relieve stress and increases learning
• Promote healthy development

Specific Areas of Expertise


Read More
Learn how to respond in a way that increases both you and your child’s confidence. With play sessions and parent coaching your child can become more willing to take risks and less rigid. Learn to repair after conflicts and gain tools and insights into nervous system regulation and anxiety.

Sensory Issues

Read More
Get to the root of sensory issues. Sessions help you and your child expand their tolerance for sensory input. Connect sensory issues with behavioral problems to find long lasting solutions.

Divorce Support

Read More
Practical and applicable tools to help your child navigate through a divorce and how to adjust to a new life after divorce. Parent coaching and play therapy sessions can help the whole family get through a tough time and gain more resilient.


Read More
Learn how to support your child and their executive skill functioning so they can integrate healthy behaviors to combat the symptoms. Play sessions and parent coaching help the child heal from the social issues associated with ADHD. Empower your child with tools to improve academically as well.

Oppositional Behavior

Read More
Gain tools to manage very challenging behaviors. Work on creating more success for your child and your family. Parent coaching and play sessions available in combination to effectively treat oppositional defiance.

Adoption Support

Read More
Learn the keys to attachment trauma and attachment healing. Through play therapy and parent coaching sessions learn how to manage difficult adoption issues and create strong and healthy relationships for the whole family.


Read More

Address unique needs with expert and experienced interventions to help your child be more comfortable in their sensory world, increase understanding of their emotional experiences, and to begin to build up vital social and executive functioning skills. Support includes parent coaching and child sessions as well as parent and child sessions to have increased resources for a thriving life.

Family Conflict

Read More
Family conflict: learn how to speak to each other to increase understanding. Learn how to set up the environment and expectations. Learn how to create a family that is respectful and flexible.

Major Life Events

Read More

Get the support you need to parent through major events ranging from significant losses, life changes and major illnesses.

Blue Sky Play Therapy’s Founder

Maria Arias, MS, LPC, works with children, families and educators as a mental health provider and consultant. Maria is a Certified Montessori Teacher, a Licensed School Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Maria has 18 years of experience in public and private school settings as a teacher and consultant. She has 7 years of experience providing specialized mental health services for children, parents and schools coping with ADHD, anxiety, trauma and many other needs.

Maria offers in person and online virtual Play Therapy*, Play Coaching, Parent Coaching and Workshops for Parents and Educators. She specializes in teaching the basics and the benefits of all forms of play.

*Play Therapy is available in Colorado and Oregon. All other services are available worldwide.

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Maria has been invaluable to our care team for our son. She has been insightful, intuitive in her approach and relationship building with not only our son but with us, as the parents. She has provided numerous resources in addition to guiding us to necessary reading to help provide skill building in assertive parenting and further guidance in Conscious Discipline. I have recommended her to other parents in our community due to her expertise.

T.P. (Fully Virtual Client with a Four Year Old)

To Whom It May Concern:
Maria Arias led a series of four parenting workshops for New Horizons in the spring of this year. Parents found the workshops both inspiring and immediately useful. Some parents reported using some of the newly learned strategies, and getting instantly positive results.

Maria brings a joyful and confident presence to these workshops, offering concrete suggestions for gaining cooperation from children. She is a great listener, and works with specific issues that parents bring to the table. She is able to bring new perspective to the most intractable situations, and offer parents ideas for successful interventions.

We at New Horizons feel very fortunate to have connected with Maria. I can recommend her workshops to other school communities, and I believe you will also be very satisfied with the positive results.

Isolde Stewart

Director, New Horizons

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Online Play Therapy Intervention work with young children?

Yes! Surprisingly, it actually does. Although different from an in-person method, my model engages children in therapeutic play in the fully online virtual format. Children are glued to the screens and respond with full engagement and come alive with the interactive play. Parents are either nearby or in the session with us to support and witness the process. 

There is always a 10 minute follow up call with parents after every session to ensure the child is engaging and making progress.

My specialized approach has been developed over years of working with children in different settings. And what I have learned is that the setting doesn’t matter, nor do the playroom or the cheap plastic toys..

What matters most is the “play space” that is created in the connection between the child and the highly trained professional, who connects authentically, models regulation and has a positive regard for the child. These moments of connection, which children experience as fun play, build up to become the child’s internal organization, emotional regulation and impulse control.

After a few sessions, children will show more flexibility, emotional balance and increased cooperation in their day to day lives at home and at school. This is a unique, non-linear immersive virtual experience that has far reaching results outside of the play sessions.


Does online Play Intervention work with children who have Neurodivergent symptoms? Learning disabilities? Behavioral issues?

You might be amazed to know that the fully online virtual model can be applied in working with children who are considered to be Neurdivergent, on the Autism Spectrum, that have ADHD, Dyslexia, or other Learning Disabilities.

I have even worked with children who are blind and deaf with great results. With the right accomodations and equipment we are able to engage and connect.

How is this possible?

I have created a fully online virtual play therapy model  that addresses sensory processing, emotional regulation and the social skills and needs of children diagnosed as Neurodivergent. I have been able to create a fully virtual experience of what we call in therapy,  the “bottom-up” approach. It is an evidence based approach that is most recommended for children with Neurodivergent issues.

Please see this article on this approach:

Do you offer your services in person?

The answer is yes, so long as you live in or travel to my office in the Louisville, Colorado (Boulder) area. If you are traveling from a location outside of the Boulder area, the Intensive Total Family Transformation Program can be done in one week to accommodate your travel.

How does Parent Coaching work?

This one on one Parent Coaching program will become your guide for being a successful parent. It is based on neuroscience, attachment and positive discipline, providing you with practical tools,  increased confidence and stronger relationships with your children.

• 1.5 Hour Initial Parent Coaching Session

Maria will apply her specialized knowledge in attachment and brain based discipline practices to assess the current situation. She will immediately address the parent’s biggest concerns and set goals.
• (2) 1 Hour Parent Coaching Sessions
Learn powerful action tools to use right away.
• 1 Hour Parent Coaching Follow-Up after 6 weeks
Check in on progress and provide on-going support. Provide resources for ongoing growth.

• Creating a Highly Tailored Family Roadmap with Maria
• List of my top 25 resources, website links, articles, videos and infographics
• 5 Quick Question Emails during the duration of the program

• Parents who are striving to parent mindfully, but find themselves struggling with increasing anxiety, rigidity and aggression from their children.
• Parents of children with anxiety, ADHD, perfectionism, social difficulties and family relationships.
• Parents who desire to Respond, Repair and Reflect without having to be perfect or use behavioral interventions. (i.e. rewards and punishments)

Why the immersive approach?

My approach is a unique model based on a child centered approach. It is vastly different from the traditional adult talk therapy model.  

Young children ages 2 to Teens benefit greatly from my immersive approach with a short set of sessions scheduled closely together. Their brains rewire at lightning speed and respond extremely well to an interactive play-based intervention with less time between sessions.

This approach alleviates the family from being tied to play therapy/intervention for extended periods of time which result in greater costs. Many other providers work off a model that requires 20 or more sessions for at least several months.

*More effective than weekly sessions
*Play based child and whole family interventions
*In the convenience of your home in your normal setting

  • Get a highly tailored intervention roadmap  in our 1.5 hour parents only session
  • Get a list of my 25 top resources, links, articles, books and infographics
  • Email me for quick tips during the 3 week process, and up to the 6 week follow up session, with your quick questions
  • Get my video resources in your inbox weekly
  • Stay connected: 6 week follow-up parent session included, additional follow-up parent sessions are available if needed


How does Ongoing Care work?

Decide how to move forward to continue to meet goals in a maintenance plan to suit your unique needs. Each plan is individually tailored to meet the needs of your family and children.

Do you take insurance?

Services are private pay and payment is due at the time of service. 

Please note, that I do not bill or deal with insurance companie directly. You may request a superbill from me at anytime. The service code is 90837. Please note that insurance companies may ask for a diagnosis. I hesitate to diagnose your child, as it becomes part of their medical records. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 


For emergencies call 911 or visit you nearest emergency room.

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